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Corn Flicks Ratings Guide

10 Corn Flicks

10 Corn Flicks are the best. All movie makers should strive to receive 10 corns from me (that’s right, me, an unknown movie reviewing hobbyist. For me, these movies are the best of the best. They’re movies I will own and movies that I can watch over and over (and I probably have watched them over and over). I feel like I need to get a fix from these movies by watching them on a regular basis.

9 Corn Flicks

9 Corn Flicks are a step down from the 10 corn flicks. These are movies I’ll likely own, and movies I’ll watch frequently, but they just don’t quite have the same effect on me as the 10 corn flicks. A 9 corn review is still a strong indicator that this is an excellent movie.

8 Corn Flicks

8 Corn Flicks are movies that I’ll at least be tempted to buy. They provide solid entertainment, but I probably won’t go buy them right when they come out on DVD/Blu-ray. I’ll usually wait to buy these movies from the bargain shelf at the store.

7 Corn Flicks

7 Corn Flicks are still good movies. The temptation to own 7 corn flicks isn’t as strong as with the higher rated movies. These are movies that I enjoy watching  and may just sit there and watch if I see it playing on a cable channel or something. These movies have a lot of entertainment value.

6 Corn Flicks

6 Corn Flicks are still good, but not necessarily great. There is entertainment value to be had with these movies, but you’re not getting as much bang for your buck. These are movies that are good enough to watch once, and then you can be done with them because you’ve already seen it and might not gain anything out of ever watching it again.

5 Corn Flicks

5 Corn Flicks aren’t good, but they aren’t bad either. These are movies that will have some entertainment value to them, but there are plenty of parts that will annoy you as well. My usual regret with 5 corn flicks isn’t that I watched them, it’s that I didn’t just wait to watch them when they’re available for online streaming or something while I did something else to entertain myself at the same time.

4 Corn Flicks

4 Corn Flicks are the best of the “bad” flicks. Although 4 corn flicks aren’t horrible, I feel it’s a rating that’s usually deserved. These movies are usually a disappointment to me. I think there’s some solid material for the story, it just doesn’t get made like it probably should’ve been made. Or I just think the film is too over the top and it becomes more ridiculous than entertaining.

3 Corn Flicks

3 corn flicks are a step down from the 4 corn flicks. 3 corn flicks are usually movies that I will consider giving 4 corns to, but then I get mad at myself for even thinking that the movie was worthy of a 4th corn. I’ll still usually finish watching these movies, but I’ll also feel disappointed in myself for not being able to find something better to do with my time.

2 Corn Flicks

2 Corn Flicks are pretty bad. They usually have one redeeming quality to them that keeps them one step above a 1 corn flick. A lot of times it’s a good song that saves it, or the movie actually was able to sneak in a funny joke or something. These are movies that you’ll walk away from hoping that the filmmakers lost a lot of money by making it.

1 Corn Flicks

1 Corn Flicks suck, and it’s as simple as that. These are movies that you shouldn’t even finish watching. Most of the time I won’t even bother finishing them. After watching them, you’ll want the filmmakers to come to your house to personally apologize for even thinking that making the movie was a good idea. But even that might not be enough to erase the memory of how horribly bad the movie was.