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Featured Trailer - Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle


Thor: Ragnarok (8/10)

I think the biggest reason why these Marvel movies are so good is the fun factor. They always mix in a good amount of humor in the movies which makes these movies that much more entertaining. There are some superhero... see more >>

Transformers: The Last Knight (4/10)

I watched TRANSFORMERS: THE LAST KNIGHT over a month ago and only now realize that I didn't review it. It was that memorable. I'm amazed that this is already the fifth TRANSFORMERS movie. Unfortunately, I stopped... see more >>

The Dark Tower (3/10)

It seems like I've been saying it more and more lately that good actors can't always save a bad movie from being bad. Good actors will usually do a few movies each year, so over the years, they're bound to be in some... see more >>

Spider-Man: Homecoming (8/10)

Marvel has quite the knack for making fun superhero movies. It's pretty amazing that these movies always seem to deliver good action and good humor. It's not like Tobey Maguire's trilogy and Andrew Garfield's two Amazing movies... see more >>

Hunt for the Wilderpeople (9/10)

I kept hearing good things about HUNT FOR THE WILDERPEOPLE. It's taken me awhile to get around to it, but I'm glad I finally did. I wish I would've gotten around to it sooner so I could spread the word more because this is an... see more >>

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales (7/10)

It's kind of hard to believe that there are now five PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN movies. While they're not coming out as fast and furious as those street racing movies with Vin Diesel and The Rock (the name of that franchise... see more >>

Cars 3 (8/10)

When JURASSIC WORLD came out, it became the new sequel to JURASSIC PARK, replacing the two sequels that had already happened. OCEAN'S THIRTEEN was made to "make it up to us" after the disappointment that... see more >>

Going in Style (7/10)

I have a hard time sometimes with movies that seem to preach that two wrongs can make a right. It's easier to look past that if the movie is very good, like the OCEAN'S movies (particularly ELEVEN and THIRTEEN). But... see more >>


December Movie Preview

There really isn't any need to beat around the bush. December is all about STAR WARS: THE LAST JEDI. Most showings for the opening weekend are pretty much sold out already and have been for awhile. With... see more >>

November Movie Preview

November usually delivers some movies that get us to the theater and November 2017 looks to keep that trend going. When you have the latest in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (THOR: RAGNAROK) and the... see more >>

All Movies from Disney Animation - Ranked

I know what you're thinking - "What would possess a grown man to watch all the movies from Disney Animation in order to rank them?" If it isn't overly obvious, I would say the reason is a (hopefully healthy) addiction... see more >>

October Movie Preview

There are usually a few movies that come out in October that give us some reason to feel optimistic. October will usually give us a few movies that make us wonder why such a movie would be in the theater and not... see more >>

2017 Cornies!

There isn’t anything better than tradition. We have a prized tradition with the Cornies in that it always happens at a different time of the year. A lot of that has to do with making sure nominees and everyone... see more >>



Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle [PG-13] (12/20)

The Greatest Showman [PG] (12/20)

Downsizing [R] (12/22)

Pitch Perfect 3 [PG-13] (12/22)

Father Figures [R] (12/22)

Bright [R] (12/22 - Netflix)

More Coming Soon to Theaters


Dunkirk [PG-13] (DVD/Blu-ray/4K)

The Lego Ninjago Movie [PG]

Victoria & Abdul [PG-13]

Stronger [R]

Mother! [R]

More Coming Soon to DVD/Blu-ray